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The OC Hub is about big ideas; it’s about helping people to monetise their skills and to grow an enterprise from a concept to its fully fledged potential. Our modern, versatile workspace has all of the facilities you will need to be productive and successful. In addition to software, hardware and space, you can have access to mentoring from long-time business owners and experienced industry mentors. Many entrepreneurs have successfully launched their businesses, but don’t know how to sustain growth and survive in the industry. ​ ​ When I started my businesses with my brothers and sister, we had a network of family, friends and contacts from different backgrounds who we could contact for advice and support. Working together and having a support network is vital for success. With the right collaboration, the creative possibilities are endless and that is what the OC Hub is all about. ​ Join us to benefit from the expertise of experienced mentors, collaborative partnerships and the motivating environment of a shared workspace. Collaboration facilitated by our team of creative and friendly staff can help to take your business to the next level.

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