So Where Are We At?  Summer 2019

So Where Are We At? Summer 2019

What’s happening with Phlex we hear you cry???!!….

Good question indeed.

Sooooo much has happened – busy doing stuff and time just rushes by, so we thought it was time for a bit of an update.

There are loads of things to tell, but for now, we thought we’d stick to telling you about our new members of staff.

We can’t do it all ourselves – much as we try.  Any of you that know us well will know that Caroline runs a Marketing consultancy and I run and Ergonomics consultancy, which is both pretty much full-time, so everything we do with Phlex is squeezed in around the edges. 

And there are advantages in a way to this way of working because it makes you think differently and more creatively about how you can get stuff done.  It’s so tempting when you’re trying to bootstrap a start-up to think that it makes sense to turn your hand to all the jobs that need doing and save money, but unless you’re very time rich (and we’re definitely not time-rich) then it doesn’t actually make sense in the long run.  You end up doing jobs that you’re just not really qualified to do, and it takes you twice as long as it would someone else who already has the skills.

So we’re getting better at being more realistic about what we can do ourselves, and really looking at the value of jobs that need doing and deciding who’s best to do it – us, or outsourcing. 

And outsourcing doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune on consultants – time to think outside the box a bit and use the talent that’s available and affordable – even if that means looking at it in a more ‘Phlexible’ (see what I did there?!) way.

We’ve been incredibly lucky this year in finding some young, talented individuals to help us along the way.

First, we had a 6-week student project with Southampton University looking at novel ways to monetise Phlex.  We have our plans and ideas obviously, but it was so refreshing to have these young brains put their spin on it too.  A group of 4 of them, and we would have loved to keep them all FOREVER – they were that good.  Sadly that wasn’t possible, but we did manage to secure one of them as a summer intern – 10 weeks of incredible work that has moved us forward a lot – so much so that we’ve agreed to keep him on a flexible basis going forward whilst he finishes his degree.  If you want to know more about the program let us know…..

So here’s a very big shout out and thank-you to the amazing Kaloyan Danovski – our new 19-year-old CTO!  Charm, confidence, brains, and just a pleasure to have around. You will go far!

Second, we agreed to provide someone with a weeks work experience in marketing over the summer between her GCSE’s and A-levels.  She was so good – concentration like I’ve never seen, along with creativity, speed and accuracy – amazing.  So we kept her on for a few weeks more paid work, and have also secured her on a flexible basis whilst she does her A-levels.

So here’s another very big shout out and thank-you to the amazing Lian Kan – our new 16-year-old marketing assistant.  Well done on great GCSE results and your time with us this summer.  You did yourself proud!

So how lucky are we?!  We’re not naïve enough to think that this kind of things always work out as well as they have for us this year – it does take time and effort to nurture young talent, but it’s been a fabulous experience for us, and I think for them too.

I did threaten to lock them in the basement so that they could never leave!  But Caroline told me I couldn’t do that!  

So we’ve set them free and just hope that they keep coming back.

Until next time.

Jill x

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