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Make your space corporate ready

We know that entrepreneurs have the mainstay of our co-working market for a few years now, but the Corporate market is hot on their heels, and starting to realise the potential for them.

Flexible working, Agile working, Remote working, Activity-Based working…

It all means just one thing – corporates no longer expect/require everyone to commute into their central office location everyday.  But not everyone can, or wants to work from home.

Co-working closer to home is the obvious solution to this – a great halfway house. Health & Safety Regulations require employers to ensure that where their employees work is safe and secure. 

How do you show them that your space is ‘Corporate Ready’ and stand out from the rest?

Phlex Consultancy Services help you do just that

Phlex Consultancy Service

The Phlex consultancy service combines Ergonomics and Marketing consulting services together to ensure that your space is set up correctly and stands out from the crowd.

What do I get?

The Ergonomics and Marketing Consultancy to Improve your market share. We will cover the following:


Understand how to set up your space for corporate clients

How to source and find furniture cost effectively

Documentation and policy toolkits

What additional facilities and equipment you need for the space to make it comfortable and stylish


Develop your 90 day marketing plan

Really understand your ideal customer and what they want

Develop a social media content plan

Ensure that your marketing addresses a 8 step customer value journey to engage and make sales

Want to kick start your coworking space or just getting started. Contact us today for these bonuses;


  1. 90 day plan for marketing
  2. Access to our exclusive co-working community
  3. Access to discounts and deals on tools to boost your space members
  4. Introductory kick off session to make a fast start
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