Phlex Fridays Are Here. Coworking and network while you learn.

Phlex Fridays Are Here. Coworking and network while you learn.

So what’s that I hear you cry? I’ll tell you!…..it’s ‘nosh and know’ and its coworking and networking whilst you learn.

Phlex is all about its members – we want to support and look after each other because it really is very hard working on your own sometimes.

So you lot have loads of knowledge that we can all share – we could put on events and have someone you don’t know stand and talk at you but we think we can all do better than that.

We’re therefore looking for volunteers with whatever expertise you have that you think we might all benefit from – even just with our initial membership so far we have loads of stuff we could teach each other – social media, CRM systems, ergonomics, music therapy, team building, project management, gmail, Trello etc etc – the list of skills between us is endless.

You are, therefore, all cordially invited to come and be part of our knowledge sharing events so that we can all get cleverer together!  Sign up, come along, and have a think about what you could share with everyone else in future events.

We’re going to kick these off with 2 venues in April:

Friday 13th April (if you’re brave enough?!) – Becketts Southsea – breakfast & co-working

If you’ve never been to Becketts then you really should – it’s a lovely restaurant and bar with a newly opened deli on the side, where we can start our Friday off with coffee and croissants and knowledge.  You’re then free to stay and work alongside each other for the rest of the morning, so bring your laptop and get comfy.  Just £5 – pay on the day.

Friday 27th April – Village Hotel – lunch & co-working

We really do like the Village – a modern hotel with a great business club to work from.  As many of you know we’ve negotiated a corporate rate for Phlex members there and they’ve very kindly agreed to provide us with a bit of lunch while we learn whatever’s on the Phlex Friday menu that day.  If you’re already a Phlex/Village member then this is a free event.  If you’re not then sign up to be a member on the Phlex website to get your discount, and you can then pay on the door and spend the entire day there co-working for £8 (non members £10).

Check out our events page for more information and for details of the sessions.

If you’re thinking you’d like to put yourself forward for one of these slots then do just shout as we’re putting a programme together now so would be great to hear your ideas.

We’re planning 1 in each venue every month and will obviously do more if there’s a demand.  If you need a screen for whatever you want to talk about then pick the Village.  If you’d like to keep it simple with no screen, then Becketts will work fine for you.

Please do let us know if you have any other ideas, because this only works for us if it works for you.

See you there!

Jill & Caroline

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