Introducing The Phlex Membership

Introducing The Phlex Membership

So Phlex membership eh? What is that exactly? Why are we doing it? What do you get? And why should you join?

Those of you that know us well will know that Phlex is still very much ‘work in progress’. The goal has and is still getting the app going, to connect disparate spaces and locations. Take a look at this great article on the future of the workplace, so, whilst that is still in development  we also want to build and support our community locally, because that’s what co-working is about for us.

Yep you need a space and bits and pieces of practicality within that space, but if you don’t have community and support then you don’t really have co-working – well we don’t think so anyway.

So as you, our early adopters and supporters are mainly entrepreneurs yourselves, we figured you’d appreciate us just being honest about where we’re at in our journey, why we’re doing what we’re doing, and how we can help each other do great stuff.

It would be lovely to launch the app all brand spanking new and with our entire business model sorted and ready to service you lovely people, but in reality we all know that isn’t how businesses grow. It’s a far more messy trial and error process til you find out what works and what doesn’t.

And even then – we need to keep adapting and learning to survive.

So…. we’ve been given a bit of funding and are hoping to work with the big brains at the University of Portsmouth to sort out our financial modelling, and although there are allsorts of options for us going forward, the membership model will probably play a part in that so it makes sense to start some preliminary trials on that now.

We’ve launched our membership just to formalise our relationship and start to work on benefits for you to start enjoying now. For founding members we’ve priced this at just £10/year – a tiny nominal fee that will keep our accountant happy, and give us some traction in terms of ‘trading’ status when
we look at funding in the coming months.

You’ve supported us so far and we want to be able to support you too.
We hope you’ll agree that £10 is great value as we’ve already secured ‘corporate’ rates at the Village Hotel business club so you’ll easily get your £10 back within 2 months if you join there. It’s really not about making money out of the membership right now – I really don’t ‘do’ maths, but even I can
work out that that there’s no millions to be made from a £10 membership fee – we’re passing on all the discounts we negotiate directly to you, so that we can build our membership and really hit the ground running once the app is launched. We’re working on more member benefits as well so will
let you know as they come online.

So why should you join?

Well obviously to get access to the reduced rates. But we hope that more important than that it’s to be part of our Phlex community, and help us on our journey so that the Phlex community can help you in return. The more there are of us, the stronger we’ll all be. Sounds a bit cheesy doesn’t it but
it’s true.

Any of you that have spoken to Stef from Shaping Portsmouth recently will know that he has loads of horrifying figures on entrepreneurial failure rates in the City of Portsmouth – and some of those failures will definitely be down to lack of community and support.

Caroline and I have both been ‘home alone’ and struggling in the past so we know how difficult that can be.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far – come and join us in the journey.
Jill x

PS I think I’m generally OK at writing but this is definitely not my best work so please don’t judge me on this blog alone! Caroline will nag me if I spend time faffing with it though so it will have to do for now, so I’m going for raw, honest, but definitely not eloquent! :-0

You can find out more about the membership here  or head right on over and Join by clicking here Yes I want to join Phlex

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