Finally…we are live

Finally…we are live

Well at times it has been a struggle but finally we can say that we have launched the MVP of our long term vision for Phlex. 

What started as a small idea nearly 2 years ago has led us on an exciting journey. At times it felt like this would never happen. 😀 and I am pretty certain a few people thought – what they hell are they doing?

So here is a little but of what we have done to get to this point:

  • Mid 2017 formed Phlexco company
  • September – December 2017: attended Espark pre-accelerator
  • Jan – June 2018 Research into co-working, users and the environment with the University of Portsmouth and own market research
  • Jan 2018 – Set up first basic Phlex website
  • March 2018: set un initial reward partnership with Village Hotels VWorks Clubs to start a first local community. Thank you so much to those first early members – you know who you are!
  • March 2018 – Semi finalists in JustDevelopIt competition
  • November 2018: brand development. Thanks Dean Howard at Type Twenty Five
  • December 2018 –  kick off MVP build (self-funded)
  • Feb 2019 –  Launch own boutique co-working space in Portsmouth – Because you know we felt like we didn’t have enough else to do. 🤪
  • March 2019 – set up local Freedom Pass with other co-working providers – to support and promote other spaces, and to provide a range of offers for the local business community.
  • May 2019 – set up co-working working group to talk through challenges and trends with other spaces
  • May 2019 – MVP goes live
We have also had a fair few sleepless nights, drunk a fair amount of wine, met some truly amazing people, and learnt more than I ever wanted to about how to configure the Google Maps API ( yes that as a thing!). All whilst both running our other businesses – Workwise and carolinesumners.com


This really is MVP and the first stage. There comes a time when you just have to launch. So if you see something not quite right or a link going wrong – let us know. Actually let me know as Jill freaks out at spelling mistakes! 

In the next few weeks you will see;

  1. Online community membership launched – around support, resilience and helping each other in business. We call in UN- NETWORKING because, well we both hate the traditional forms of networking. It is about  support and friendship
  2.  Partnerships and rewards for the solopreneur – because you shouldn’t have to be a member of a large corporate to get cost savings.
  3. First UN – NETWORKING event. We need a venue people of Portsmouth! 
  4. Our first employee – a super talented Computer Science Student who will be with us for the summer as we work on stage two – Gamification!
  5. Increased collaboration with other spaces of all kinds to launch their own co-working communities for everyone, everywhere.
We have started small but we have big plans.  Thanks for the support along the way

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