Pop up coworking in Portsmouth is here!

Pop up coworking in Portsmouth is here!

Yesterday was our first day of popup coworking in Portsmouth and it was truly fab! Though we say so ourselves! ? and so Phlex is now officially up and running!

A great turnout for our first day – thanks so much to See Change Happen, Art2Arts, Peas in a Pod Consulting, Audazzle, Jorge Bergasa, Natalia Michalska, Beat The Seat, Kim Wilkinson, Mona King, Gethin Jones, Martin Holwill.

Coffee, tea, mince pies from our friends at Mum and Dads Kitchen (don’t expect those seasonal treats every time folks!), chat…..oh and a bit of work…!

It was a very lovely feeling indeed looking round and seeing people do exactly what we hoped they’d do – work of course, but also get to know each other and start to build the relationships that will support them in the future.

Some came on their own, some came with colleagues and used it as a meeting and catch-up day, and that’s the whole point – use it however suits you.

Personally I did very little work apart from the 1st half of this blog (because Caroline told me I had to!….and I always do as I’m told?!), and generally swan around, eating mince pies and feeling pretty chuffed with it all.

So the whole point of these popups is to find out what works, what doesn’t, what you (the co-workers and space providers) want and need so that we can make our service everything you want and need it to be.  If you have any feedback or suggestions for us we’d really love to hear it – please don’t think you have to only tell us nice things because although the nice stuff is obviously lovely to hear, it’s the not so nice stuff that really helps us grow and improve, so don’t be shy – let us know.

2017 has been pretty crazy.  It’s been a very busy few months getting us to this point and we have lots more still to do to get the app up and running and working for you in the new year, but we’ve loved every minute of it so far and can’t wait to really get going.

Come and work with us in 2018 – see the website and facebook for more details as we list them, but for now it’s Kings Street Tavern every Wednesday 10-4 in January and many more in the pipeline.

See you there! Jill xxx

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