Co-working is our passion!

Why?  Because it changed our lives and we see it changing the lives of others every day.

Jill Farmer - co founder Phlex

Jill Farmer


Registered Osteopath & Ergonomist specialising in office, agile and remote working.  A constant observer of people and workplace ergonomics – always looking to make things better. 

With over 20 years experience in the field of office ergonomics Jill knows offices and, perhaps more importantly, the people within them and how they tick.  And as a business owner for 25 years Jill also knows what it’s like to work alone, and is passionate about the amazing power of a co-working community to help build businesses and forge lasting relationships.

Caroline Sumners


CIM qualified Marketing Consultant with 20 years experience in marketing, social media strategy, inbound marketing and marketing automation. 

Having been a small business owner and worked extensively in the corporate tech environment, Caroline understands the challenges involved in making a great campaign a reality.  Ontraport and Hubspot certified, Caroline embraces the role that technology can play in helping small businesses to become big businesses.

So we came together on this project because we met at a co-working space. This not only showed us the huge benefits of co-working, but helped us to formulate a business plan and offering around this. We understand the wants and needs of co-workers and this is why we do this.

We are also starting our own co-working space alongside this because we believe in this so much.

Join the growing number of independent professionals across the UK, who are connecting, learning together, working together and building thriving and successful business communities with Phlex.

Bringing professionals together – Independent professionals can thrive in supportive business communities.

Improved Wellbeing – Phlex members can feel more connected and less isolated.

Appropriate Space – Our advanced filters make it simple to find space appropriate to individual needs.

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