3 Simple Steps to Agile Working  and Getting You Comfy on the Move

3 Simple Steps to Agile Working and Getting You Comfy on the Move

Are you sitting comfortably?????….mmmm….maybe, maybe not…..so here is our 3 simple steps to Agile Working.

It’s great all this flexibility in our working lives that the technological revolution now affords us.  No longer necessarily tied to our desks Monday-Friday for 8 hours a day, we can now work wherever and whenever we please.

But the traditional desk and adjustable office chair does have its benefits in terms of our physical comfort because we can adjust them to our needs.  So how do we begin to replicate that and remain comfy when we’re working here, there and everywhere??  Well actually it’s not that difficult really – a few simple things to think about and a pragmatic approach to your physical ergonomics is all you really need.

  1. Move, Move, Move, Move Move

Yep this really is our top tip – everything that comes after this is secondary really.  Just keep moving.  Change your position at least every hour – go for a walk, chat to a colleague, go to the loo, go get a glass of water….. any excuse to get you moving – just don’t sit in that same position for hours on end – even the so-called perfect position will do you no good at all if you don’t shift ya’ bum!  Little and often – at least 5 minutes every hour – off you go!  I also wrote a blog about this as well – check out Are you Sitting Comfortably?

  1. Lighten Your Load

It’s so easy to keep lobbing stuff into your bag and never ask yourself if you really need it or clear it out.  Maybe that’s just me????  No I don’t think so – many of us are guilty of it, so take a long hard look at your bag every day and if in doubt leave it behind.  Phew!  Feels better already.

  1. Separate Your Keyboard and Screen

The problem with laptops is that it’s impossible to get into a decent working position, because if the screen is at the right height, then the keyboard will be too high and you’ll be hunching your shoulders, and if the keyboard is at the right height then the screen will be to low and you’ll be leaning forward.  Neither are great for your neck/shoulders and posture generally and you’ll definitely start to feel it if you do it too often.  So do yourself a favour and get yourself a small, lightweight (see number 2!) keyboard, mouse and laptop raiser (recommendations coming soon), and you’ll feel the benefit straight away.


Well there is more to it than that but that’s enough to get you started.  We’ll cover some more detail in future blogs, but if you’ve got any burning issues or questions then please just shout and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Jill xxx

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